First Baptist Church of Rio Grande City

Policy # 1

Committees and Coordinating Groups


Section 1. General


The members present at a regular or special called business meeting shall form the decision making body of First Baptist Church.There will be no separate committees or councils.


First Baptist Church realizes that no policy can be written to foresee all possible situations.First Baptist Church hereby gives its pastor and, in his absence, his appointed designee, the authority and responsibility to act on the churches behalf and make all decisions concerning those issues.

Section 2. Church Ushers


The ushers are to greet people as they enter and leave the church, seat people at the proper time, provide bulletins and/or other materials at the time of seating and collect the tithes and offerings during the service. The ushers will be attentive to the needs of the congregation and the pastor.

Program Organizations


Section 1. General


All organizations of the church shall be under church control and shall report regularly to the church body.


Section 2. Sunday School


There shall be a Sunday School, divided into departments and classes for all ages and conducted under the direction of the Sunday School Director for the study of Godís Word.


The tasks of the Sunday School shall be to teach the biblical revelation; reach persons for Christ and church membership; perform the functions of the church within its constituency; provide and interpret information regarding the work of the church and denomination.


The church shall appoint a Sunday School Director to lead in the Sunday School Ministry.


Section 3. Discipleship Training 


There shall be Discipleship Training, divided into departments for all ages and conducted under the direction of a Discipleship Training Facilitator. The Discipleship Training shall serve as the training organization of the church.


The tasks of the Discipleship Training shall be to orient new church members; train church members to perform the functions of the church; train church leaders; teach Christian theology, Christian ethics, Christian history, and church polity and organization; provide and interpret information regarding the work of the church and denomination.


The church shall appoint a Discipleship Team Facilitator (Sunday School Director) to lead in the Discipleship Ministry


Section 4. Baptist Women


There shall be a Baptist Womenís Ministry with such officers and organization as needed. The purpose of the Baptist Womenís Ministry shall be consistent with the vision and purpose of the church.


The pastor shall appoint a Baptist Womenís Ministry Team Leader to facilitate the WMU Ministry.


Section 5. Baptist Men


There shall be a Baptist Menís Ministry with such organization as needed. The purpose of the Baptist Womenís Ministry shall be consistent with the vision and purpose of the church


The pastor shall appoint a Menís Ministry Facilitator to lead the Baptist Menís Ministry.


Section 6. Church Music Program


There shall be a Church Music program under the direction of the minister of music.Such officers and/or organizations shall be included as needed. The music tasks shall be to teach music; train persons to lead, sing, and play music; provide music in the church and community; provide and interpret information regarding the work of the church and the denomination.


This committee will work together in designing, coordinating and executing an outstanding music program that will exalt and magnify our Lord and prepare the congregation for a meaningful worship experience.


This program ministry will:


o      Determine, prepare, coordinate and promote special music, programs, dramas, skits, etcÖthroughout the year.

o      Prepare well in advance for special programs such as Christmas and Easter

o      Coordinate the scheduling of these special programs through the church council and the pastor

o      Plan and implement ways to educate and develop the musical talents and abilities of our members

o      Plan, promote and implement and outstanding graded choir program. (adult, youth and children)

o      Set goals and make plans for a long range music program in the church

o      Explore different avenues and methods of worship and pray seeking Godís guidance in implementing them


The church shall appoint a Minister of Music to facilitate the Church Music Program.




Section 1. Baptism


A person who receives Jesus Christ as Savior by personal faith; who professes him publicly at any worship service; and who indicates a commitment to follow Christ as Lord, shall be received for baptism.


Baptism shall be by immersion in water unless there is a medical condition that prohibits full immersion.The pastor shall review each need and determine the most proper way for Baptism to occur.


Baptism shall be administered by the pastor or whomever the church shall authorize.


Baptism may be administered as an act of worship during any worship service.


A person professing Christ and failing to be baptized after a reasonable length of time shall be counseled by the pastor and/or staff . If negative interest is ascertained, he shall be deleted from those awaiting baptism.


Section 2. The Lordís Supper


The Lordís Supper is a symbolic act of obedience whereby members of the church, through partaking of the bread and fruit of the vine, commemorate the death of Jesus Christ and anticipate his Second Coming.


The Lordís Supper may be observed during any regular or special meeting of the church body. The pastor is responsible to schedule and announce our Lordís Supper observance.


The pastor shall be responsible for the administration of the Lordís Supper.


Church Meetings


Section 1. Worship Services


The church shall meet regularly each Sunday morning for worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship and discipleship.The church may choose to meet at other times, such as Sunday evening or Wednesday evening, and at other places, such as homes or auditoriums, in order to fulfill its purpose.


All meetings will be open for the entire membership of the church and for all people and shall be conducted under the direction of the pastor.The pastor shall be responsible to schedule a supply pastor to fill the pulpit in his absence.Supply Pastors shall be paid from the regular church budget.


Section 2. Special Services


Revival services and any other church meetings, which will be essential in the promotion of the objectives of the church, shall be placed on the church calendar.Special services will be scheduled under Godís leadership.We will strive to schedule one revival service per year and 2 major community outreaches per year (VBS, Starr County Fair, etc).The pastor is responsible to choose the evangelists for these special meetings.


Section 3. Regular Business Meetings


Regular business meetings shall be held monthly on the third Wednesday of each month.This date may be moved if in conflict with VBS, Revival or other appropriate reasons. An additional regular business meeting shall be scheduled for the first Sunday in August during the morning worship service for the purpose of adopting the annual budget.


Section 4. Special Business Meetings


A specially called business meeting may be held to consider special matters of significant nature. A one-week notice of the subject, date, time, and location must be given for the specially called business meeting unless extreme urgency renders such notice impracticable.


Section 5. Quorum


The quorum consists of the members present.All current members of First Baptist Church are qualified to vote on any business matter presented to the church at a regular or special business meeting.The official membership list shall be maintained by the Senior Pastor.


Church Finances


Section 1. Budget


The pastor and treasurer, in consultation with the church body, shall prepare and submit to the church for approval an inclusive budget, indicating by item the amount needed and sought for all local and worldwide expenses.


Section 2.Spending Limits


The pastor, church treasurer, church staff and church council shall have the authority to spend budgeted money on items and/or services to be used for the church in an amount not to exceed $1000.00.All expenditures over $1000.00 or items outside the adopted budget that exceed $250.00 shall require church approval at a business meeting.Designated gifts may only be expended by the pastor, church treasurer or church council for the purpose they were designated.Memorial gifts will be spent in accordance with the wishes of the family.If the family does not specify a purpose for the memorial gift within a one year period the memorial funds may be expended by approval of the church council at a church business meeting.


Section 2. Accounting Procedures


All funds for any and all purposes shall pass through the hands of the church treasurer, or financial secretary, and be properly recorded on the books of the church.


The church treasurer shall provide the pastor with a copy of the monthly bank statement on a monthly basis.The pastor and church treasurer are authorized to set up and review the church bank account status online.


All funds received shall be counted by a minimum of two people who sign in agreement to the amount received.The funds and the report shall then be given to the church treasurer.The church treasurer is responsible for recruiting a minimum of 3 unrelated people to serve as counters.


Section 3. Fiscal Year


The fiscal year of the church shall run concurrently with the church year, which begins on September 1 and ends on August 30.


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Passed and Approved on the 16th day of July, 2008.


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