First Baptist Church of Rio Grande City

Policy # 3


Use of Facilities


Section 1. General


The property and facilities of First Baptist Church of Rio Grande City belong to God and not to us. We are to act as faithful stewards of these possessions and should seek to fulfill this obligation in a faithful and responsible manner.


First Baptist Church desires to make its facilities available for use by local Christian organizations, Christian Mission Teams, emergency management groups, non profit groups, and community service oriented organizations at no cost.  First Baptist Church may receive love offerings for the use of its facilities to be used for utilities, maintenance and repairs.


In order that church facilities and possessions are used in accordance with our vision, use should have an emphasis on ministry, be consistent with the church in content, and be subject to the appropriate authority we hereby adopt the following church policies.


Section 2. General Guidelines


All groups using our facilities will be given a copy of this policy.


No requests for use of First Baptist Church facilities may conflict with the ministries of First Baptist Church.


The pastor shall be tasked with the approving and scheduling of all facility usages.


First Baptist Church realizes that no policy can be written to foresee all possible situations.  First Baptist Church hereby gives its pastor and, in his absence, his appointed designee, the authority and responsibility to act on the churches behalf and make all decisions concerning those issues.


First Baptist Church, through its pastor and/or the church body, reserves the right to refuse use of the facilities for any reason to any group.


First Baptist Church, through its pastor and/or the church body, reserves the right to require any group using our facilities to vacate the property at any time.


All uses of the facilities of First Baptist Church must comply with this policy and all other applicable policies of the church.

With the exception of weddings, mission trips and other approved special events, a building may not be reserved more than three (3) months in advance.  Mission trips should be scheduled at least 6 months in advance.


All scheduling is to be done on a “first come, first serve” basis.  The first group to schedule an event has priority over all other groups for the designated time.  This applies to all uses except emergency shelter operations.


No alcohol, drugs, firearms, gambling or any activity the pastor or church define as illegal or immoral are allowed in church buildings or on church property at any time.


No smoking or other use of tobacco is allowed in buildings at any time.


First Baptist Church will be used for the emergency sheltering of people during times of severe weather, neighborhood fire events (not individuals) and other major occurrences.  The Church will be opened as an emergency shelter by the City of Rio Grande City, The County of Starr, The American Red Cross or the Salvation Army.  The organizations that are sponsoring the shelter are responsible for all aspects of shelter operations and compliance with these policies and procedure.  Emergency Shelter Operations take precedent over all other groups and activities except Church Worship Services.


Section 3. Responsibilities of Facility Users/Guests


All, persons or groups using the facilities of First Baptist Church shall conform and comply with the following requirements:


  • Facilities must be maintained in a clean and orderly manner
  • Facilities must be completely cleaned upon the completion of use.
  • Groups are responsible to repair or correct any damages that occur during their use.
  • Groups may use First Baptist Church supplies (ice, paper products, drink mix, etc) if necessary but all supplies must be restocked by the user.
  • Facility users are responsible for the safety and security of their people or groups.  First Baptist Church accepts no liability for illness, injury, theft or any other loss incurred by those using our facilities.
  • The groups using the facilities are responsible for the safe supervision of the children, youth and adults.
  • Facility users must immediately notify First Baptist Church of any unsafe condition, faulty appliance or other problem discovered.
  • Groups using the facilities are permitted to rearrange tables and chairs to meet their needs; however, tables and chairs are to be replaced in their original location upon the completion of their use.
  • Church-owned sound system and musical instruments may be used only with the specific permission of the Director for Music and the Senior Pastor.
  • Groups that wish to have a piano tuned before an event may make the request to the pastor. Only the church's piano tuner will be allowed to tune the pianos, and the group will pay all expenses related to the tuning. Tuning will be done as close to the event as possible, but will be done on a schedule convenient to the church and its tuner.
  • Groups using our facilities may use the kitchen and all appliances and cooking utensils provided.  Groups are expected to fully clean the kitchen when through using it.
  • Groups using our facilities may use the restroom and shower facilities as needed and are expected to fully clean the facilities after use.
  • Groups using our facilities may use the church playground and swing set provided they supply adequate supervision.
  • Each group shall designate 1 or 2 representatives to coordinate with First Baptist Church in facilitating the use of our facilities.
  • No item(s) should be attached to building walls, ceilings, floors or equipment that could leave permanent marks or damage. Any tape used must be removable.
  • Children (and adults) should only be in areas reserved for or required to be used by the group.
  • No inappropriate or abusive behavior will be tolerated.
  • Group representatives shall meet with the pastor or his designee upon the completion of their usage to return all keys supplied and review the condition of all facilities used.


Section 4. Responsibilities of First Baptist Church


First Baptist Church will:

·       Strive to accommodate the needs of each group using our facilities

·       Provide a safe and operational facility for use.

·       Try to remain flexible with each group while being good stewards of the facilities God has given us and protection the reputation of our church and the Kingdom of God we serve.

·       Provide 2 sets of keys to the representative of the groups staying overnight.

·       Provide further guidance to each groups representatives concerning use of thermostats, use of outside appliances brought into the church and other issues or activities that may not be included in this policy.


Section 5. Use of Church Facilities for Other Uses


The facilities of First Baptist Church shall not be used for commercial purposes.


The Fellowship Hall Facility and playground area may be used by our members for birthday parties or other similar gatherings.  This use must comply with this policy.  These types of uses are restricted to church members and their immediate families only. 


The facilities of First Baptist Church may be used for weddings, funerals and other ministry purposes for the member of First Baptist Church and their immediate families.


Members of First Baptist Church may request the use of the facilities for ministry purposes for their friends or extended family.  All requests must be made through the Pastor.


Uses under this section must comply with this entire policy and any other applicable policy of First Baptist Church.


Section 6. Actions in case of policy violation


Violation of these policies, damages to the facilities or failure to properly clean the facility could result in the following:

  • Being required to immediately end use of facility and return facility to its original status and condition
  • Loss of privilege to use the facility in the future
  • Be required to pay for any and all damages
  • Be required to pay for any and all costs to restock church consumable items
  • Be required to pay any and all costs to properly clean facilities


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Passed and Approved on the 16th day of July, 2008



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Acceptance of First Baptist Church of Rio Grande City Policy # 3

“Use of Facilities”



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We hereby agree to the policies and requirements of First Baptist Church of Rio Grande City and do agree that our group shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless First Baptist Church of Rio Grande City, its pastor and leadership and its members for any and all demands, claims, damages to persons or property, losses and liabilities, including reasonable attorney fees (collectively "Claims") arising out the use of the church facilities.  We recognize the efforts of First Baptist Church to assist us in our ministry and mission and agree to abide by these regulations and accept all responsibility for our use of their facilities.




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